Monday, March 28, 2016

Don't judge me but….

To celebrate my blog having over 24,000 views I thought I'd keep this post a little light hearted by sharing some facts about me….

If you think you’re a weirdo here is 10 interesting facts about me that might make you seem a little less weird….

1 – When main street is busy I never let people in when they are coming out of the KFC drive thru.

2 – I refuse to wash the dishes because the floating bits of grossness make me want to spew.

3 – I haven’t had McDonalds since I went to Europe in 2013.

4 – It gives me anxiety when girls load their barbells with non-matching weight plates.

5 – It also stresses me out when people (Matt) put their feet through to the seats in front of them at the cinemas.

6 – If you chew with your mouth opened around me I’m plotting in my head how to kill you.

7 – I was working in a food van once when someone asked for a kransky so I literally put the kransky in a bag and gave it to them – no bread, no condiments.

8 – Once when I was upset I drove through the car wash and ate a whole block of black forest chocolate in the time it took to clean the car.

9 – I dance around the house all the time – especially when I’m waiting for the microwave or food to cook.

10 – I was super blind (short sighted) but had laser eye surgery in 2011.

Anddd that is was way to easy to type out lol… 

I'm coming back twice a week with blogging because I've got some killah content to share with you all so stay tuned for Thursday :P 

Stay Strong & Stretch, 
Tel X

Monday, March 21, 2016

How to avoid a holiday BLOW out!

I know you've at some point been eating really well & training super hard for an up coming holiday - makes sense - if you're anything like me you'll going to some tropical, hot location which means you'll be in a bikini almost daily and if you're not in a bikini it's minimal clothes to get you through the 40 degree heat & you want to be looking fabulous, lean & toned! 


But what happens when you work so bloody hard and are looking only to start eating absolute crap from the moment you get into the car on THE WAY to your holiday destination - your hard work won't automatically go completely down the drain but you will bloat & feel pretty puffy when that bikini comes out - let alone 3 days into your holiday when it's all about food & cocktails with the occasional movement when you need to rotate from tanning front to back...  

Some handy tips I have for keeping me lean whilst still downing a sex on the beach:

FASTING - So if you're a huge breaky lover this already sounds daunting I know! But you have two options - late dinner late breaky/brunch OR early dinner early breaky - fasting (not eating for a prolonged period of time 12-16 hours) gives your digestive system a chance to catch up on all the crap you've been shoveling in, will leave you feeling flatter, more energetic & you'll actually be hungry for lunch! 

BLACK COFFEE - So traveling o/s can leave you constipated (ew poo) by starting your day with a black coffee it helps combat any toilet troubles. *ovbs avoid if you have the opposite issue! 

SWEAT - Get a sweat on daily - includes dancing of course..

WALK - To the beach, to the cafe - where ever it is walk! 

GREEN CAPS - It's likely you won't eat as many veggies as you usually do when you're on holidays so I find a travel friendly greens supp such as 7.2 Greens Caps is an easy way to get my daily nutrients in.

NO CRAP TAKE AWAY - You're in a wonderful location with beautiful local dishes & you eat Maccas!!? WHY?!? Try and eat as the locals eat.

BIGGER MAINS LESS SNACKING - Pretty self explanatory eat bigger main meals wity entrees if you please and then don't snack between. 

BE ADVENTUROUS - I'm AWLAYS down for lounging by the pool (currently what I'm doing) it's great to mix things up by adding in some activities such as stand up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming & hiking just to name a few! 

So there you have it easy to follow tips to help you keep that holiday blow out away - now bring on the #bikiniselfies 

Stay Strong & Stretch, 
Tel x

PS - Sex on the beach is a cocktail for anyone worried about what I get up to on the beach! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


We go through hard times, everyone does it’s just a part of life and if we never experienced hard times we would never know nor appreciate the good times…

Everyone’s stresses are different and in my career I hear a so many stories on a weekly basis whether it’s girls drowning in debt, uni, work, events or relationships – the core of these stresses usually involves us trying to juggling and deal with too many things at once or trying to keep everyone happy thus suffering emotionally.

These bricks of stress build daily stacking away, we don’t deal with them, we just keep adding to the pile and before we know it there is a wall. A big arse wall that is about to crash and fall.

Sounds all familiar right?

What people forget is that they are never alone in any situation.

What people also don’t realise is that by pushing the stresses lower and deeper will not make them go away.

And what people REALLY don’t understand is that if they address their stresses it can help relieve them.

Some tips on how I juggle my sometimes overwhelming, hectic yet exciting life involve two simple things:

-Ask for help! Sounds simple right? That’s because it is! I’m talking anything from dishes to financial – if you need help, just ask if you’re surrounding yourself with people that love you, they will always be wanting to help take a weight off your shoulders.

-Take a break – Every 3 months Matt & I get away, yes we love our business and everyone involved and that’s why we feel it’s an important key – if we are tired, grumpy and stressed it reflects directly back onto the people around us. A week away allows our bodies & mind to re-charge.


So where I’m going with this is I get stressed, you get stressed, the person next to you gets stressed – it’s a part of life don’t let your bricks pile up only just to crash and fall - address the issue and turn your brick wall into a pavement of success.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

P.S - On that note I’m off to Bali first thing tomorrow for some well-deserved R&R but stay tuned for my next blog on how not to blow out on holidays while still sucking down cocktails…

Monday, February 29, 2016

Enough with the ‘CLEAN FOODS’

You’ve no doubt come across the word clean eating, especially when it comes to the fitness and food industry….

It just makes me cringe every time I see or hear it!!!

I HATE that word – ‘clean’ since when was food dirty?!

Should I wash this donut before I eat it? Is it clean then? Will I go to dirty hell for eating this pasta because it’s not considered clean?

NO & NO.

Stop making girls feel bad by labelling foods as clean and pushing them to eat only these ‘clean’ foods.

IT does MORE damage then good.

This is the cycle -

-Females via social media become more aware of food & lifestyle choices.

-They are forced fed through ‘gurus’, raw treats, fads, detox teas, Internet & all other forms of media that you must eat only salads and ‘clean’ foods.

-Females become fatigued due to lack of food and become obsessed with what they eat.

-They punish themselves for eating a piece of bread or chocolate because it’s not ‘clean’.

-They go back to social media for ideas on what and how to eat and then repeat the cycle.

Do you know how many girls minds I’ve had to re-wire because of the worlds ridiculous ‘clean’ food rampage?!?!

Okay Chantel I get it – you don’t believe in the term ‘clean’ eating WE GET IT – so what do you believe in???

For LONG TERM health & results

I am ALL for the 80/20 eating style - this is how I eat - I believe 80% of our food intake should be foods that help fuel the body and help make it run how it should – this allows you to train better, lifer heavier and it keeps you feeling and looking awesome! Your skin will glow, you insides will function perfectly and your energy will be buzzing.

Simple foods like rice, sweet spud, chicken, greens, veggies, fruits, meats, eggs – fresh produce that isn’t packaged or labelled ‘no fat’ ,‘no sugar’, ‘raw’, ‘super food’ OR ‘clean’.

I believe the other 20% should be foods your body just simply wants you know the good stuff that stops you being a crazy person - foods like pasta, pizza, wine & chocolate.  

This combination creates balance with your mind and body – you should never feel bad for eating certain foods – with EVERY female that has ever had my guidance when it comes to what to eat they are always so surprised about the amount of food I request them to eat and are even more shocked that there is days where they can eat whatever they want. 

For SHORT TERM goals & results -

When you have an end date to achieve something by e.g a photo shoot, wedding, comp prep - It is okay to become stricter on yourself knowing it is only for a small time frame BUT you need to know its only for a small time frame - you can't expect to live off chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life. So you have a short term goal coming up? Out source the best person to help, listen to what they have to say - smash the goal then continue with the above 80/20 lifestyle.

Don’t let what you consume, consume you.

I do have 4 positions for my 4 Week Health Plans in which I work one on one with you to get your body functioning how it should – no more yoyo dieting – only results – Interested or what to know more information? Inbox me or email me at

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My own personal arms, back & core program - a MUST watch for sexy definition….

Hey gals!

Arm, back & ab definition is sexy – I love how it is both feminine but also strong.

One main component to having defined arms is shoulders – you know that ‘cut in’ definition around the middle of the arm, well that’s got a lot to do with shoulders.

Secondly, I don’t know about you but I love wearing backless numbers knowing my back is looking lean, with a hint of muscle – working your back will allow your posture to improve which gives you a more approachable and confident vibe.

Lastly core – I know many girls are on a mission for a flat stomach, yes this has a lot to do with healthy eating but there are certain exercise which I find speed up the process. Those lines down the side of your stomach are due to obliques or ‘side abs’ by doing weighted oblique exercises you’re able to target these muscles and you’re able to make them pop just a little bit more.

The above would have to be my favourite things to train! I LOVEEEEEEE upper body and core so I’ll made this video for you all – it’s not only a work out video but also an informative video which will give you correct technique, tips….

Enjoy and don’t forget to share this post & tag your training partner!

Click the link below to watch:

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Need motivation? OPEN THIS NOW!!!

Common problem: ‘I’m struggling with motivation – how do you stay so motivated? – how do I find motivation?’

Simple answer you will not change or become motivated when

a) You keep telling yourself the SAME sh*t excuses


b) You don’t want to. 

It’s easy to say I want to eat healthy and start training but it is even easier to sit on the couch with a block of chocolate and say ‘tomorrow’….

PROMBLEM #1 - ‘I’m struggling with motivation’

If you find yourself week in and week out at some point saying ‘I need to get my sh*t together, this week I’m going to train and eat so healthy’ BUT deep down you know perfectly well you won’t – you’ve just become sucked into a routine of constantly failing - your brain knows this from the start and so do you!!!


Why are you trying the same method that didn’t work the last 4 times? Get yourself out of that rut and change it up – If you don’t want to eat healthy and train you won’t, so you’re not struggling with motivation you just don’t want to be motivated – there is a difference.

If you truly want it - you’ll get it.

PROBLEM #2 - ‘How do you stay so motivated?’

I don’t!

I’ll go through phases were I’m determined as hell and won’t rest until my end outcome is met and there is also phases where I’ll sit on the couch with fish and chips and watch hours of breaking bad.

Only difference I’m aware of my phases and when it’s GO time I make sure I’m ready to start and get shit done – you can’t expect to be motivated all year – set goals – make a plan – crush them…

I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve been fluffing through the last few month with no real end goals – so what did I do?

Tell myself I’m going to eat really well starting Monday…


I contacted Ellie Dean booked in a photoshoot in 3 weeks and entered my self in to be the face of Women’s Health 2016 BOOM!

If that doesn’t get me back on the broccoli bandwagon don’t know what will!

Which leads me to my last point…..

PROBLEM #3 ‘How do I find motivation?’

Find something that equally excites but scares you.

Don’t give me the same old I want to tone up bullshit.

From experience I’ve been most successful in hitting goals and staying motivated by having a timeline with an end date, the goal must put me out of my comfort zone, be a challenge and must scare me – simply because I know if it doesn’t hit those criteria I just won’t do it.

Don’t be afraid to aim high – motivation doesn’t stop once you leave the gym.

I find the more people I tell and the more I say what I want aloud the more efficient I am, the more I want it and the more accountable I am to those around me.

e.g If you tell everyone you work with you’re doing FebFast then the week later you’re talking about how you are going out on the weekend and you’re going to get wasted – how silly do you now look?!? 

We can all create our own reality… 

Stay Strong & Stretch, 
Tel X